Does Yardcam use 3G Cellular?

Yes. If the camera is too far away from a Wifi network source, the Yardcam Cellular Converter will convert the Wifi network to a Cellular Wireless Internet connection. Yardcam Cellular can be added to existing cell phone plans as a data-only device. Yardcam only uses and recommends Verizon Wireless because of their coverage and support. If the existing plan uses another carrier, available lines are available through Insight Commander Systems, Inc.

How is Yardcam powered?

Yardcam plugs into any common household outlet. It has 25 ft (7.5m) of total cable length, and the cable is weatherproof so you can use it outside your home.

Many modern homes have an exterior outlet, but you can also use Yardcam if you don’t have an outlet outside your home. For example, you can plug Yardcam into a light socket adapter, which converts a porch or landscaping light into a power outlet. Whichever installation method you choose, make sure to install your camera in accordance with building and installation codes where you live.

Yardcam can also utilize existing 12-volt landscape light wiring. Just add Yardcam to the wiring just like another light in your yard.
The Yardcam Solar Module is available for those areas where conventional or low-voltage electricity is not available or practical. The Yardcam Solar Module is completely self-contained, including the solar panel, battery, controllers, and all wiring necessary so that you only need to plug Yardcam into the solar module instead of an outlet or connect to landscape wiring.

Whether using household power, landscape power, or solar power, you don’t need to worry about changing batteries or losing your video feed if they die while you’re on vacation. It stands guard 24/7 and sends alerts about the activity outside your home.

Is Yardcam weatherproof?

Yes. Yardcam is designed for permanent outdoor use, and it has been tested against typical environmental factors such as dust particles and precipitation. Operational temperature range is -4° to 104°F (-20° to 40°C).

Installing Yardcam

How easy is Yardcam to install?

Unlike other outdoor cameras that may require complicated hubs and professional installation, Yardcam is simple to install yourself. All you need to do is choose a good spot, and mount the camera on a wall, fence, post, or even directly on the house or building. The Yardcam Mounting post is also available to mount Yardcam.

Yardcam plugs into a regular household outlet; no electrician needed. Merely mount Yardcam on anything suitable and plug it into a household outlet, landscape wire, or the Yardcam Solar Module.

Any tips on where I should install my Yardcam?

If you’re looking to protect your home against intrusion, point your camera where thieves are most likely to gain entry: front door, back door, windows, and garage. The most effective area to install Yardcam is 30-40 feet away from the house or building facing the doors, driveways, gates, and other point of entry.

Yardcam’s 130° wide-angle view lets you keep an eye on a large area of your home.
If the sun shines directly into the lens of the camera, it can affect video quality. To reduce glare, you can install your Yardcam 7 to 10 feet (2 to 3 meters) above the ground, and point it below the horizon.

Security and Privacy

Does Yardcam have night vision?

Better still, Yardcam has its own high-intensity floodlight to not only light up the dark, but also to frighten intruders away. Most intruders hate light and immediately give up.

Yardcam uses an IR cut filter during the day to help keep colors accurate. This filter is switched off at night to enable light sensitivity and deliver detailed video. Yardcam also knows the difference between a burst of light and sunlight, so Yardcam won’t be fooled if someone tries to blind it with a flashlight. It’ll stay in Night Vision mode so you can see who’s in front of the camera.

Is Yardcam tamper- and theft-resistant?

Yardcam’s stainless steel enclosure makes vandalism and theft difficult if not impossible. The intruder’s pictures have already been sent to the Cloud so further tampering will be useless.

There are some optional steps you can take to secure Yardcam. To prevent the camera from being unplugged. If you’re concerned about the cord being cut, you can keep both the camera and cord out of reach or better yet, buried in the ground. It does not need to be too deeply buried, just enough to keep it out of sight.

Can Yardcam’s video footage be destroyed, or viewed by an intruder?

No. Unlike security cameras that rely on local storage like a hard drive or SD card that can be tampered with, Yardcam’s video footage is streamed securely to the Cloud. Image history is stored in the Cloud, and there’s nothing an intruder can do about it. If the camera is stolen or damaged, you can go back and see what happened.

Your password-protected web page allows to access to your recordings indefinitely. If someone steals your Yardcam, they won’t be able to view your recordings.recordings indefinitely. If someone steals your Yardcam, they won’t be able to view your recordings.