Outdoor Motion Sensors

Motion sensing or intrusion detection is the event that starts everything in a well-designed camera-based security system. The Cell Cam Pro uses the most reliable sensing method available and even has a separate remote model upgrade available.


PIR (Passive Infrared) Detector

PIRs measure the change in the energy of the area in view. They're prone to false positives due to sensitivity to environmental changes like hot/cold air flow and sunlight.   They are prone to missed or false alarms:

  • Moving plants and trees.

  • Reflected sunlight from windows, windshields, or other highly-reflective objects.

  • Facing in the direction of the sun.

  • Movement outside the intended control area.

  • Weather such as rain, hail, and snow.

  • Lack size discrimination.

  • Inconsistent range based on external factors.


In most environments, the only effective motion detection system for outdoor use is the detachable or remote PIR sensor.  The sensor can be aimed at a fairly small area such as a gate or walkway that is not affected by the limitations of the PIR sensor.  The camera can then be positioned to view a much broader area without being affected by these limitations.